Oct 30, 2021

Is it possible to make good money with an Elo Boost job?

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Elo Boosting Job

Most people think about the customer aspects of an Elo Boost, but the employee that carries out the service is equally important. The big websites that give out these jobs to applicants offer an opportunity to make money from the game many are passionate about. If you’re skilled enough at League of Legends, an Elo Boost job is definitely something that’s worth working at to make some money with.

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Professional Elo Boost

As an Elo Booster, all you need to be is professional, consistent, and actually skilled at what you do. There will be different levels of skill for each booster (ranging from Master to Challenger) but all boosters are capable of winning most games in lower Elo's, which are the most common brackets that have Elo Boost services purchased in. The service providers that host websites connect the booster and the customer together for a professional Elo Boost service that is easy to understand and use. People who are skilled at the game are always looking for these Elo Boost opportunities since there are plenty of people who want to get something out of all of their hard work. To actually make good money though, you really need to be good at the game. Your understanding of closing out games quickly, implementing strategies, and getting things done professionally will always reflect your earnings when you Elo Boost. It also depends on what Elo's you Elo Boost in, as boosting in Master tier will obviously net you more than Silver would. Players who Elo Boost will get a % of the purchase value from the service provider which changes from site to site, but will typically be a similar figure of money that is cut. In order to make a sustainable living from doing Elo Boosts, you will need to do a lot of it and at a high level. It also depends on where you live as an Elo Boost in a country like the United States won’t be worth as much since living costs more there. It’s up to the applicant to evaluate whether or not investing time in doing Elo Boosting is worth it. Overall, there’s plenty of good money in doing an Elo Boost for above-average tiers. And if you have the skills to bring to the table, it can end up being a lot.

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