Sep 9, 2021

The Most Famous Elo Boosters

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The players we are going to talk about are the most famous Elo boosters in the history of League of Legends, but most of them have stopped boosting by now and are either playing competitively or streaming.

RATIRL The Reformed L9 Booster

RATIRL is an EUW Challenger jungler and as his name suggests he is currently the world's #1 Twitch player.

Before making it as a famous streamer thanks not only to his incredible mechanics, RATIRL was known for being one of the best Elo boosters in the region but was also accused of scripting and being known as an extremely toxic player.


What made him such a good lol elobooster was his mechanics and his cheesy plays. You could say RATIRL mastered the perfect champion for his abusive playstyle. Twitch is cheesy and the aspect of surprise allowed him to stomp players among all leagues, being able to abuse stealth and kill anybody that doesn’t respect it and take down the game very fast. The laning phase isn't that good on Twitch, but he gets as strong as it gets as the game scales on!


His favorite way of boosting was the Lulu + Twitch funnel that consists of putting an Ardent Lulu mid or support and follow Twitch 24/7 as he ganks and farms the enemy jungle. I think it's good to show that this strategy was pretty unknown before RATIRL made it popular.


His boosting skills have shown to be the best as he climbed multiple accounts to Master/Challenger with 85% or even higher win ratios on the most competitive server the West has to offer. As far as we know though, he has now stopped boosting and he works as a fulltime streamer.

Stream !607 by Mibzo | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

DOPA The Only Elo Booster that could destroy Faker

DOPA, also known as Apdo, is probably the best Soloq player to have ever played the game. He got rank #1 several times on both the Korean and the Chinese ranked ladders. He mains mid and has been the only player able to match Faker on mid for a few seasons.

The things that make DOPA shine greater than anybody else is the fact that he isn't just a mechanical monster, but he's even better at macro and wave management. He is always at the right place at the right time and his wave manipulation is always perfect and puts the enemy into very uncomfortable lose-lose situations.

DOPA has also gotten popular by boosting from the lowest division at the time, Bronze 5, to rank #1 Challenger in Korea on stream and that cost him an indefinite ban from competitive gaming by Riot Games and KESPA, but he stated that he didn't care since he had no plans to play professionally, and that boosting made him more money anyway.

He is very special because he keeps his #1 position even despite never changing his champion pool and adapting to the meta. He mostly plays three champions, these being Twisted Fate, Kassadin and Orianna.

Even when these 3 champions are not in the meta, DOPA keeps playing them at the top level and it is insane because most of the pro players or challenger players change their picks and playstyle every other patch.

Thorin on Twitter: "Apdo (Dopa) even looks like some handsome as fuck but  evil anime villain. That's is too perfect."

Tarzaned The NA Elo Boosting God

Tarzaned is an NA jungler who claimed rank #1 NA multiple times in multiple seasons. He also has had the challenger LP count world record.

Before becoming a fulltime streamer, he was known as one of the best eloboosters in North America. Similar to DOPA, he was boosting from Bronze 5 to Rank #1 and costing him,too, a competitive ban from Riot Games.

Despite his toxicity and win trades, Tarzaned is an incredible jungler with a big and versatile champion pool that is able to adapt to any meta.

His signature pick is Graves. He likes to make up that he is the best Graves player in the world. He is a very arrogant player, claiming that he can beat even legends like Faker and DOPA in the jungle, but whenever he tried climbing in any other server than NA, he got stuck at Diamond 1 or Master, resulting in most pro players to underestimate him.

Nowadays he has a fulltime streaming career and also works as a Coach. It seems like he has completely stopped boosting and is on his way to reform himself.

Tyler1 hits out at Twitch over Tarzaned's 30-day ban - Dexerto

Pornstar Zilean Elo Boosting in KR/Korea

Pornstar Zilean is a challenger EUW Draven main and the inventor of Disco Nunu. He has been hitting the top ranks of the ladder since season 2 and he even hit rank #1 in EUW twice in season 7. Pornstar Zilean also got to challenger on the Korean server which is known for being the hardest Soloq ladder in the world.


He is also known for his insane eloboosting skills. In the past year, he boosted dozens of accounts to Master/Challenger with astonishing winrates- that might look normal for the other people on the list- but PSZ is the only player here that mains ADC. Showing that truly any role is capable of carrying and making it to the top spots!


He has a very oppressive playstyle that barely anyone even amongst the professional players can keep up with. Most people consider him the best Draven in the world, since he has been playing mostly Draven his whole career and always keeps his position at the top ranks doing just that. These days he streams and, as far as we know, still boosts. Sometimes he even streams while boosting.

Pornstar Zilean Smile Compilation :) - YouTube

Incarnati0n (Jensen) The Elo Booster that became a LCS Player

Nicolaj "Jensen" Jensen, is today a star midlaner of the LCS. Formerly known as "Incarnati0n", the best Soloq player of the West, undisputable rank #1 challenger throughout Season 2 and 3.


Nowadays he has a very versatile champion pool, but during his boosting days he mostly played Fizz and Veigar keeping really good winrates. He also claimed rank 1 on an account named Apdo Dog2, showing respect to DOPA.

He had the highest win rate in Challenger in seasons 2, 3 while playing completely solo. Like most of the Elo boosters previously mentioned, he also got banned from the competitive stage for boosting and ddosing enemies having to wait until season 5 for an unban from Riot to have an attempt in the professional scene.


He currently plays for Team Liquid and has reformed himself in order r to keep up his career in the pro scene.

Jensen officially signs 3-year extension with Team Liquid | Dot Esports