Sep 15, 2021

Why People Started Elo Boosting Discord/Discords

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Why do people start Elo Boosting Discord servers?


First, I think it’s important to say that there are tons of Elo Boosting Discords all over the internet. 

The owners of these servers do it with the objective of making a bit of money for some goal that they have in real life and when they achieve said goal, they just close the “group” they had to Elo boost other people. 

However, some discord groups have come to grow into big companies and it’s a business that’s having a huge growth getting the bigger companies to work with numbers around the thousands of dollars each month. 

Are Elo Boosting Discords Safe?

However, still exists cases of people that are offering Elo Boost services individually without working for any company. What they usually do is they join a server that already has a lot of clients and tries to steal most of them before getting banned. Even when they do get banned, what they can do is just open a ticket, which means getting in contact with the game developers and explains that he found it, claiming that Elo boosting Discord shouldn’t be legal and doing everything that he can to get them banned so he can monopolize the market by himself. 

Why did PT start Elo Boosting?

The brand PT Elo Boosting for example was started because at the time the owners thought that what was being paid to the boosters was making them work too much for very low cuts on each order, so they decided to create not only a company but in general a community that cares about their employees and allows them to treat this with the same amount of responsibility that they would take a real-life job. 

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