Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered our most asked questions about Elo Boosting and Coaching services PT provides.

General information

What services does Papi Twitch provide?

Papi Twitch provides a multitude of services, from Elo Boosting to Coaching. We also offer multiple customization options, such as specific champion and role options. You can find these options under each type of the service. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the live chat so one of our staff can help you out!

Does PT Elo Boosting have a Discord server?

Yes! PT Elo Boosting owns a Discord server where you can chat and meet new people!

Note: The PT Discord server is a community, any kind of selling on our discord will result into a sanction.

How will I know when my order is complete?

After your service is complete, we will send you an email confirming the success of your service.

Do we have any reviews?

If you are looking for our reviews about orders we have done in the past, feel free to check our Reviews page. You can also check out our reviews on our official Trustpilot as well, we are rated 4.9 stars out of 5.

How can I leave a review?

You will be asked to leave a review on the User Dashboard after your order is complete. You can leave your review in the field on top.

Elo Boosting

What is the definition of Elo Boosting / LoL Boosting?

Elo Boosting is the act of increasing a certain individual's account which is done by hiring a booster through a service called Elo Boosting. The booster will play to win games on the account of the client. As a company, we also have services of Win Boosting, which can be more meaningful to those who just would like to try our services, or we can provide duo boosting in which the booster will play on an account with a similar MMR to yours. Regarding the prices, we believe that they are one of the better in the market due to the quality of the service we provide to the customer.

Solo Boosting means that the customer provides the information of an account (username and password) and then a professional booster will play on his account, until reaching the desired rank that the customer paid to get.

Duo Boosting in which the booster will play on an account with a similar MMR to yours, this is very popular in the Elo Boosting market.

What types of services does PT Elo Boosting offer?

Solo Boosting

A booster will log in to your account with the information you gave us and then play until he reaches the desired rank you chose.

Duo Boosting

You will play on your account with one of our professional Elo Boosters until you reach your desired rank.

Placement Matches

We play your placement matches, this has a 80% Win rate guaranteed. You can choose how many games of placements matches your booster plays. PT Elo boosting is happy to help you!

Win Boosting

We will do Elo Boosting on your account to raise your champion win rate or MMR.

Normal Matches

Booster will play on your account to gain you XP and wins.

Champion Mastery

You choose a champion that you want to desired level on (Max: Level 7).

Account Leveling

You can select what level you are, and what level you desire, then an Elo Booster will play on your account to finish this job for you.

Boosting Packages

Bundle’s boosts are packs of divisions, you can buy a bundle from Platinum 4 to Diamond 4 as example. This gives you a big discount on the bigger Elo Boosts whenever you purchase this product.

What services do we offer on Duo Boosting?

We offer professional Duo Elo Boosting in the game League of Legends.

Non-VIP Booster

- Discord call with your booster
- Voice chat communication
- Professional boosting

VIP Booster

- Discord call with your booster
- Voice chat communication
- Professional boosting
- Some Parts of coaching
- Micro and Macro tips
Are there any customizations for my boost?

There are multiple customizations to your Elo Boost! You can choose to duo with your booster, choose the champion and roles your booster plays, and ask your booster to stream the games played over Discord. Full customizations can be found underneath the options for the specific boost you desire

How can I be sure my account will not be stolen?

If you have a verified email account attached to your account there is no way for anyone to steal it. If your account’s details do get changed send an email to riot and they will give you your account back. Regardless of you being be able to get your account back, we still do take precautions to ensure that all your data is kept safe.

How much does it cost to order an PT Elo Boosting service?

This depends on the choice you make and the services that you ordered. You can just go to Elo Boosting and choose which type of service you would like to order.

Which functions do I have on my Boosts Dashboard?

During your order, you will have access to your personal Dashboard where you can interact with your Booster, here are some of the following options you have on your dashboard.

- Access to League of Legends API (Match History)
- Chat with your booster
- Progress system
- Order Details
Can I pause my Boost?

If you want to pause your boosting, please contact our support team through our Live-Chat. A member of our staff team will respond to you within seconds and makes sure to tell the booster he must pause the boost. You can always ask the Booster yourself in the Dashboard Order chat!

Can I make a schedule with my Booster?

You can make a schedule with your booster in the Dashboard Order chat! Our Elo Boosters are very flexible and make sure to play within your timelines.

Can I check the progress of my Elo Boost?

Yes! You can check your progress in your Boosts Dashboard! Here you can see your order progress. Make sure to log in your account to access the dashboard.

Can I tip my Booster?

Of course! If you want to tip your booster, you must log in into your personal account on the website, then go to your dashboard and go the ‘Send A Tip’ window.

Can I play on my account, while my Elo Boost is in progress?

Whenever your order is active, you will not be allowed to play ranked games whenever a boost is active, this basically means you can never play the game mode you paid for.

Can I submit a refund?

If you want to submit a refund, please go to our Terms of Service, and check the specific requirements about the refund options. If you find any problems related to the following procedure, feel free to ask for more information through our contact form or ask directly in our live chat.

How fast are the PT Elo Boosting Services?

PT Elo Boosting provides an average 1 to 2 divisions per 24 hours. The average completing time of our services might change due the specific type of boost or the size of the boost.

What do I do if my boost did not start instantly?

If your boost didn’t start yet, please message us on our live chat. Our customer support is available 24/7 to help you. We always try to start your order right away!

Can I change the booster, if he performs poor?

This case seems very rare, since PT offers the best of the best Elo Boosters. But whenever this event does happen, we make sure to change your booster as fast as possible. Please contact us on our live chat or Discord!

What do I do, if one of our boosters offers you a private boost?

If any booster from our team offers you a private boost, you must immediately contact our staff at the live chat. If you inform us about any kind of these events you will be rewarded with a free boost!

Can I get banned for Elo Boosting?

The chance of getting banned is very small. After the experience and hundreds of orders we have done, not a single person got banned. The situation is about 0,2% chances of getting banned (Total market calculation).

Note: It is not possible to get banned for Duo Boosting services.

Will I be informed about changes on my Boosting order?

Every change that have been made to your order, will be visible on your Boosts Order dashboard. PT finds it important to update you about your Order details.

Can I choose my specific booster?

Yes you can! If you want to choose your specific booster that you want on your services, please go to the ‘Extra Option’ of the customization options and select your Booster.

Do the boosters have access to my BE/RP?

Boosters are not allowed to make use of any of the Blue Essence or Riot Points that you have on your account without your permission. If a booster does use your BE or RP, contact a member of Staff on discord.

Will the booster talk in general chat/friends?

No, the boosters are not allowed to talk to anyone in your friends list or in games without your permission. The only time they are allowed to talk in games, is if they are motivating their team and even then, they can only send a couple of messages to avoid detection.

What is guaranteed if you purchase our Placements Matches services?

If you chose to order placement boosting on our boosting, we guarantee an 80%-win rate (min) on your account. If our booster does not achieve that win rate, we will compensate the mistake with a free win. This rule only occurs if the customer purchased 3 placement matches or more.

How many boosters will be active on my account?

Only one booster will be assigned to each account. If a booster is unable to complete the request after accepting your boost, for whatever reason, you will be contacted. Then, with your permission, they will be replaced by another booster qualified to boost your account to the desired rank.

I am currently in my promotions and I don’t want to lose them, can PT Elo Boosting help me finish the promo games?

Yes, PT offers many options that will help you finish your placement games.

Common options:

Net Win Boosting if you don’t want to buy a full division boost and you simply just want to complete your promotion, you can buy the amount of wins you need.

Solo Boosting/Elo Boosting if you want to finish those promo’s and climb even higher!

Can I watch the games that the booster plays?

If you want to watch the booster play the games on Discord, it will be an extra 20% on top of the total cost. All the price changes are included in the list.

What is the cheapest Elo Boosting Site? is the cheapest on the market! They offer Elo boosting with a high win rate for reasonable and fair price! We are very experienced in our job and truly competitors in our market.


What is the definition of coaching / LoL coaching?

Coaching is an online service where professional League of Legends players teaches the customer how to play a specific role or champion. The service is performed by the most professional players in the company. These players are the PT Coaches. Papi Twitch doesn’t just provide Elo Boosting, but also good and professional lol coaching sessions. We coach on all regions and make sure you learn something about the game (Micro/Macro).

How much does League of Legends coaching cost?

This depends what type of coach you want and what the coach his rank is. Please go to LoL Coaching and check it out yourself! We offer cheap prices with the best coaching.

What services do we offer on Coaching?

We offer professional Coaching! We have 2 types of coaches.

Non-VIP Coach

- Discord call with your coach
- Voice chat communication
- Professional Coach
- Coaching Analyze
- Micro and Macro tips

VIP Coach

- Discord call with your booster
- Voice chat communication
- Professional boosting
- Coaching Analyze
- Micro and Macro tips
- Orb walking
- Kiting
- Shot-calling
- How to 1v9
What types of coaching does Papi Twitch provide?

Papi Twitch offers regular coaching (over Discord, discussing VODs, live game coaching) and coaching for teams.

Does League of Legends Coaching work?

Yes! Coaching makes you improve n the game very fast, our coaches make sure to make analyze for you so you can always read your improving priorities again. We make sure to help you improve on Micro and Macro play, and your Mental mindset while playing League of Legends.

Is coaching allowed in League of Legends?

To explain this simply, Coaching is a process in which a professional League of Legends player that has a lot of knowledge called a coach aims to teach and improve your skills in game. Is this considered legal? Yes! In the Riot Games Terms of Services, there is no mentioning about coaching.

What customization options are there for coaching?

For coaching, you can pick the roles you want to be coached for, the rank of your coach, and the amount of time you want for your coaching session. For full customization options, feel free to look under the “Coaching” tab.

What happens if I don’t like my coach?

There are a few different scenarios to this. Coaches will look at your gameplay critically and try to make you understand your mistakes. It is their job to pick on your mistakes. Please do not take this personally. However, if you believe the coach is being toxic and rude, please do tell them. If this continues, please contact us. If you believe your coach is not helpful or working out for some reason, please contact us. We want what is best for you and want to fix your problems right away.

Can I submit a refund?

If you want to submit a refund, please go to our Terms of Service, and check the specific requirements about the refund options. If you find any problems related to the following procedure, feel free to ask for more information through our contact form or ask directly in our live chat.

What do I do if my Coaching session did not start instantly?

If your Coaching session did not start yet, please message us on our live chat. Our customer support is available 24/7 to help you. We always try to start your order right away!

Can I get banned for Coaching?

No, you cannot get banned for using any of our coaching services. Coaching is completely legal and does not break the Term of Services within the guidelines of the game.


Is it safe to buy LoL Smurfs?

Customer safety is our number one priority thus having the most reliable and safe payment processors to ensure safety and privacy for all of our customers.

Is it possible to change Email/Password of the Smurf account?

Yes! All of our accounts are unverified meaning that you can change the Email and Password without needing the original Email the account was created with. In order to change your Email/Password, All you need to do is: Login to and then click on "Your Username" -> "Settings" located in the top right corner. From there you can change both your Email and Password.

How fast will I receive my LoL Smurf?

Our Fully Automated delivery system will have your account details delivered to your inbox as soon as the payment gets cleared (usually takes few minutes). You can also see your account details on your Order after payment.

Where will I receive my account details?

The account credentials will be directly sent to the email you provided when placing the order. It is also listed on your Order page after the payment.

My account has been banned, will I be able to get a replacement for it?

Absolutely! In the rare occasion of getting banned (less than 1%) you will be immediately replaced with a brand new account, note that the replacement is only valid to accounts banned for botting, bans for flaming and other types are NOT covered by the warranty.

How long is the warranty on the LoL Smurfs?

Lifetime warranty!

Payment methods

How can I pay for the provided service from Papi Twitch?

Papi Twitch uses the following payment providers: iDeal, VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, SOFORT, Bancontact, EPS, SEPA, Giropay and Cryptocurrencies via Coinbase

What if I can’t find my desired payment method?

Any other payment method will not be possible at this time.