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We know that many of you have a lot of questions related to Elo Boosting, Coaching, and the job as a booster. PT Elo Boosting prepared a series of questions to help you understand the main factor in this industry.

What is Elo Boosting?

Elo Boosting is a paid service to get a desired rank or league of legends tier with assistance from a highly skilled and professional Elo Booster. To get an Elo Boost service, you can sign up to play with one of these professional Elo Boosters by giving them your account information, or playing with them in a duo! You can do this for multiple games and you can do it with multiple different types of Elo Boosting services.

The reason why players want to Elo Boost is because they simply may not have enough time or the knowledge to get to his high ranks for the game.

This is the reason for Elo Boosting existence as it is for people who are struggling to gain that next rank and climb to the Elos where there are not hellish teammates every game.

Is Boosting bad?

As said in the above text, Elo Boosting is not illegal but it can be against what Riot wants with their competitive game.

Imagine that you are in Platinum IV at the moment and you want to buy an Elo Boost to be Platinum I or even Diamond IV. You may end up losing in the higher ranks when you play after you have been boosted, but your overall MMR will be higher.

Certain people will feel as though they deserve to be a higher rank as they have had AFKers and inters in their game in the past. This makes sense as it happens to everybody, and buying Elo Boosting is a way to make up for these losses that were taken away from hard working players.

What’s also great is that players who really are above average in their skill level and should have a higher MMR, but do not have the time to play, benefit greatly from Elo Boosting as it can lead to them being placed where they should be without having to grind the hundreds of games necessary to get placed there.

Can I earn money by playing League?

Yes, but you have to be good enough to do it. To gain money by playing League of Legends, you have to be qualified enough in skill to be an Elo Booster. This is the player who ranks up the accounts of other people to actually boost the customers to a higher rank after a payment of money. Most Elo Boosting websites will be looking for players who are at least Master tier in North America or Grandmaster tier in Europe West on League.

Being Master and higher is not really something for everyone to accomplish as it is the top 1% of players, but that is why Boosters are ready to work for people who are not ready to get to that high level with tons of hard work. The reason why these Boosting sites ask for such high elo players is because they are the ones who can actually provide the most consistent results for customers looking for quick and professional Elo Boosting of their ranked account.

If an Elo Boosting website hires somebody who is lower elo than the ones specified above, it will be a lower quality service for the customer and won’t be professional and effective. This is a kind of risk that Elo Boosting websites and companies will not take and that is why they strictly are focused on finding the best for the job. This is the reason for why only highly skilled players can actually manage to make money from playing League of Legends.

Is Boosting legal?

Many people think of boosting as an illegal practice, but only in stricter regions such as Korea. Elo Boosting is against Riot Games terms and conditions because it can remove the competitive aspect of ranked games as the skill disparity will be large.

Riot Games thinks of boosting as a way to artificially enhance players MMRs to levels that they should not even be close to. They do not like this as it can break the matchmaking in skilled levels of play on the ladder that is so heavily competed in. MMR is supposed to be precise, and Elo Boosting can artificially enhance it to more than what it is.

A lot of players will always say that if you buy Elo Boosting, you’ll end up back where you started before paying for the boost. This is not completely false, but you may demote from what you were Elo Boosted to as it may have been too high for you to handle yourself as a player.

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Can I get banned for Elo Boosting?

According to Riot Games themselves, it is possible to be banned for purchasing Elo Boosting. Sometimes there will be a massive ban wave near the end of each season, and this is their way to punish the players who tried to artificially enhance their rank on the ladder by buying an Elo Boosting service.

They do these kinds of ban waves with their own type of AI that can help them automatically find accounts that seem suspiciously high rank suddenly.

Banning by Riot Games for Elo Boosting is quite rare as most boosting services say that their customers almost never get banned for the help with their climb on the ranked ladder. It can happen with very obvious accounts for the system to detect, but it is certainly a rare event especially if you buy Elo Boosting casually.

Lots of players will feel uncertain in their view that they are putting their account on the line if they are purchasing the Elo Boost for their ranked climb, and it is understandable to have that kind of fear for your account full of memories and skins that you’ve purchased over countless years.

But the odds of getting your account detected and banned are very low as boosters can use things such as VPNs for the safety of your account. This way Riot won’t be able to detect your IP address rapidly changing around the world to various boosters who are logging in. And what’s also very safe is playing with a Elo Booster as a duo since it will be seen as a friend you are simply playing with in ranked to Riot Games.

How do I avoid getting my account banned from Elo Boosting?

The way to avoid this from happening is very simple. The most important step is to be careful with who and where you are telling people about the fact that you are being Elo Boosted. It’s best to avoid saying it especially on Riot’s League Client.

Another safety method to use is using the duo boost option, since there’s no way for Riot to detect that your account is being logged into from somewhere else. If you do not have the time for this method, you can also just make specifications in your orders for Elo Boosting to play only a certain few roles.

One other option is to make sure to ask the Elo Booster to only play a certain amount of games per day to make it look like the original account owner is playing the same amount of games as normal instead of the 10 an Elo Booster would suddenly start playing during Elo Boosting.

How to earn money playing League of Legends?

If you are a skilled enough player you can most certainly get money from League easily. You can apply to all of the available Boosting websites that are hiring employees for their services and then you can see if you get a message back from one that you like. Other websites may vary based on what requirements they will want for their boosters but most of the time they will be happy and ready to accept anyone who is qualified for consistent and professional work.

As a booster, it is important to look through plenty of websites to see what is the best option for you. Certain boosters will prefer to do Elo Boosting for higher or lower paying services depending on their situation and how much work they want to do. It is very important to look at all the specifications, requirements, and qualifications as you are applying to these sites so that you can find out the best option for you.

Is Elo Boosting expensive?

Because Elo Boosting is a virtual service, websites will not accept actual money like coins or banknotes. They will accept currencies such as Bitcoin or most things similar to it. The most common ways to make payments for Elo Boosting are usually the same as any other online service that you may use.

Some of them may even offer more specific payment methods for your country, and others will not. It is important to do your research on what suits you best for your Elo Boosting.

Getting an Elo Boost is a virtual service so a website having the payment method you enjoy most is highly probable. Elo Boosting websites will try to get as many payment methods up as possible for the most amount of customers possible.

Is Duo Boosting safe?

As covered before, duo boosting is most likely the most safe option for Elo Boosting. Most boosting is safe anyways, but if you are feeling more cautious, duo boosting is a very safe alternative for those who are worried. It is safer since you are the one playing on your account and the professional booster is playing on an alternative account of theirs.

Some people argue that it does not matter as all services are safe (which most sites agree with) if all safety methods are used to ensure an account's security.

Decide for yourself once again on what you think is best, all options are very safe as these Elo Boosting websites are looking for maximum customer support and happiness with their services and products.

Can I be Boosted for free?

The chances of getting boosted for free now are very low as Elo Boosting is a highly competitive service that people always are looking to get paid to do. There may be some good players on forums who wouldn’t mind doing it, but usually, people will feel as though they are wasting time if they do not get something long term out of the Elo Boosting they do for customers for free.

The best chance you have at getting an Elo Boost for free is by asking for it from a fellow high elo friend that can help you climb for no charge. Ask friends who know about Elo Boosting for cheaper sites, and look for what’s best for you!

Start looking for deals that are good to you and are in line with exactly what you desire for your Elo Boosting.

Do boosters have schedules?

For most websites, boosters will be able to choose when they actually do any orders that are made by customers. It may vary from site to site but that is the most common type of schedule for boosters; their own.

The main reason for it being like this is because many of the professionals and employees for Elo Boosting websites are young and are still doing important things such as education and studying. It would be restrictive to have an actual time set for each booster and that is why it is based on when the Booster really has time for themselves.

Typically, Elo Boosters will use their extra free time to provide the professional Elo Boosting services and try to put a bit of extra money in their pockets on the side. Those who are working full time as an Elo Booster provide high quality and fast boosting and as a result, end up with more pay.

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Is Boosting customizable?

Depending on the Elo Boost site that you are using, there will be different types of customizability for your purchase. It all really depends on the website, some will offer it as a package, and some will offer it as a paid extra.

Not every site will have everything that everybody wants, so it is important to look at all the boosting websites to make sure you are getting what you think is best.

We recommend looking for the best websites with maximum customization to suit your Elo Boosting needs.

Which payment methods can I use to buy Elo Boosting?

You are able to pay for an Elo Boost in multiple different ways, there are options such as credit cards, bank transfers, or even PayPal. Each different website will offer you the most amount of options they have available.

There is not one thing that everybody uses, so websites try their best to have as many options as possible to reach as many customers as they can.¶

How can I watch my account get Elo Boosted live?

If you are wanting to watch your Elo Boosting services happen live, you can always use or you can use the spectate feature in League of Legends to view the game. If you want the Booster to use a separate service, we recommend Twitch or YouTube!

Both of these platforms offer a ton of different options for live streaming, you can save the videos to learn more, or just simply enjoy watching your Elo Boosting service.

How can I get better at League of Legends?

There are plenty of ways to get better at a game that is so big such as League, you can approach it from a lot of angles. There is plenty of information available online for you to watch and learn from, but the best way is to have someone who is a professional personally teach you what they think is best for you to learn!

Coaching is so much better since it can be a real eye opener on things that you may have never seen before. Coaching Services can also be a very effective option as you will be able to keep the rank that you paid for from the Coaching Services as you are the one who really achieved it.

Coaching is very useful as you will learn the game and not just champion specifics or role specifics. If you truly have a passion for improvement, look at coaching more!

Can I get coached for League of Legends?

Yes of course! It is possible through plenty of different websites (ours included!) that can make you really see what is causing you to lose every game you play. The way to find these websites is the same as finding Elo Boosting services!

Simply doing google searches for keywords such as “League of Legends Coaching” can lead you to what you are looking for very quickly. It is important to look at the reviews for the websites that do come up so that you know what you are getting is high quality.

Can I buy Coaching for League?

Certainly! As stated above, there are plenty of websites that are offering not just Elo Boosting services but also Coaching Services! It is important to do the research for what’s best with your budget.

Since most websites will have similar prices to compete with each other, you won’t have to look too far, but it is still good to check for what’s best.

Coaching is also totally fine and safe as well. Riot does not have it in their Terms of Service anywhere, so it is fine to purchase a League of Legends coach at any time.

Is Coaching expensive?

Since coaching is a competitive market just like Elo Boosting, it always has decreasing prices over time. The prices are quite affordable for lower elos these days, and most people can buy these services!

Different websites offer different prices with different coaches with different strengths, but most will be able to suit your needs for your learning experience with League of Legends.

The best thing is to do your own research for Elo Boosting and Coaching Services as much as you can to find the highest quality product for you.

How can I become a booster?

Becoming a booster is very simple. As stated above, you need to have the skill and competence to actually apply as a Booster. If you do not meet the qualifications and requirements of the website that you are applying to, it is highly unlikely that you will get accepted for actual work as a Booster. The more popular the website, the more requirements, so it is important to keep in mind that you have to be at the top of your game to get accepted on a highly popular website as they want the highest quality service for their customers.

Assuming you have what it takes to take on the job as a Booster, you will have to apply to numerous websites as not every website is in dire need of an employee and other websites are looking for different kinds of boosters.

The rise of the League of Legends eSports scene has created a massive demand for Elo Boosting services and Boosters themselves as it is a popular thing to appear skilled and good at a game like League of Legends. This is why it is likely that you will get a job on one of these websites as they are always looking for more employees to match the demand of what consumers want.

How much can I earn through Boosting?

Typically, boosters will be paid through the amount of work they do. Because of this, the sky's the limit on how much you can really earn from Elo Boosting, and it is all depending on hard work. It depends on the elo you are also boosting in as well. If you are boosting in Diamond and higher for rankings and tiers, you will get higher pay as it is higher to get consistent wins in those ELOs. The higher you boost, the higher you will earn.

There are ways to boost effectively such as boosting while playing on a Solo Boost order and then also doing a Duo Boost order at the same time.

What is the salary of a Elo Booster?

As a booster, you can end up making a lot of money! It all depends on how much you work of course, but you can make a wide range of money. Some people will see it as a job on the side, and others will see it as a full time thing.

The salary satisfaction will depend on where the Elo Booster is located. Certain countries have currencies that are worth less, so when they get paid in Euros or United States Dollar, it can be worth a lot of money to them.

It is up to the booster to evaluate whether or not it is worth it to work as an Elo Booster. Not everyone will be satisfied with the salaries provided.

Boosting is most certainly overall an actual job with its own requirements and expectations and you can be fired as a booster at any time if you do not meet these rules and expectations.

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How do Boosters get paid money?

Each different boosting website has different ways of paying its boosters, it can be through Bank transfer or straight through to services such as PayPal.

Most websites will give the boosters the option to choose where they want to receive the payment for the hard work they did. The most common thing to do is Bank transfer as it is the quickest and most efficient for most people.

Make sure to ask the boosting website you work for on how to get paid and they’ll tell you how everything works for them specifically.

Can my booster play in an ‘Offline Mode’?

Yes this is possible, and it is very easy to execute. It does not change any gameplay and it is not bannable at all, it is actually endorsed by Riot. This makes it so that the Booster is not seen playing the game to your friends on your friends list.

A lot of customers are interested in this option as they do not want their friends to see the Elo Boosting service in action. Some websites may make this a paid option and some may not. Make sure to do research!

Is Boosting a Job?

As explained above, Boosting is a type of work like any other kind. It has its pros and cons still, but it is an option for highly skilled League of Legends players.

Certain people will love the fact that you can work from home, at any time, with flexible hours, and you can treat boosting as something to pay for things on the side.

Another group of people may also not like the fact that there are a ton of rules in place for the Boosters to ensure a high quality product, and that is why some people shy away from boosting at times. And if you are from a very well paying country, you may not be satisfied with the salary.

Do patches affect Boosting?

It can, but not to a major extent. It depends mainly on what roles get changed and what champions get changed as certain champions can be more popular for boosting than others.

This can cause an issue at times, but boosters are quick to adapt to new champions to make the most efficient and professional Elo Boosting possible.

Depends also on the booster as their champion may get buffed or nerfed, and consequently, they end up being able to win more games faster sometimes!

How do Elo Boosters win games?

Elo boosters win games by finding effective strategies (and by also being Master or Grandmaster and above) to easily win streak the low elo games that they need to boost in. They have the knowledge necessary to quickly win each game they have been ordered to do the Elo Boosting in and they are able to do it even when their team does not do well.

This is done effectively by using an op champion, an op role, or a duo with another booster so they can stomp two lanes at the same time. You need to be very skilled to win all of these games so that is why these Elo Boosting services hire highly skilled employees.

What is the meta of League of Legends?

There’s never a “new meta” as the meta usually has things that always stay the same. Things do change every 2 weeks, but most champions will stay similar to what they are.

It can switch incredibly quickly at times, so it is important to have a large champion pool to be able to experience all the nice and fun changes that the new patches bring!

The meta changes for each role specifically on League of Legends so there is not one specific meta that’s all encompassing.

I’m in Elo Hell, how do I approach improving?

Some important things to consider are,
- Am I playing a meta champion?
- Do I have a good champion pool?
- Am I dying too much?
- Do I flame while playing?
- Am I taking breaks between games?

It is important to take a look at yourself and ask these questions to reflect on maybe something that is a problem with you and not your teammates. If you want to Elo Boost yourself, you have to be ready to stay calm and collected to learn the most you can possible. Flaming is never a good idea when trying to climb.

You may be doing something fundamentally wrong such as OTPing (One Trick Ponying) a champion that is not meta, or maybe playing a champion in the wrong role, who knows. It is important to evaluate what other people are doing so you can learn for yourself.

And if you are not performing on the meta League of Legends champions, maybe it is time to look at the gameplay aspect of your skills. Evaluate your trading, CSing, and various other elements that build you up into a skilled player. Compare yourself to the best, and see what they do that you do not.

Coaching is the biggest way to improve if you are having issues with understanding what you are doing wrong, and we recommend it for improvement. Skilled players will teach you exactly how to correct what you are doing wrong and they will tell you what to do instead. There’s nothing better than this, and it is important to think about your mistakes!